Virgin Violin (Silvia Tarozzi, IT)

Thursday 8 October, starting 20:00

Silvia Tarozzi (plays violins, voice, toys) presents:

- Pascale Criton, Silvia Tarozzi: Circle Process (2010), for violin tuned in 1/16th-tones;
- Pauline Oliveros: Thirteen Changes: For Malcolm Goldstein (1986), for violin, voice, toys;
- Éliane Radigue: Occam II (2012), for violin.

"The oral transmission of music and the form created through a deep immersion into the sound are common traits of the three compositions featured in this program.
In Circle Process, Pascale Criton and I started from a hyper-chromatic violin tuned in sixteenth-tones and few lines drawn on a piece of paper with a multi-coloured pencil. A dialogue of sounds, colours and words gave shape to the music, through an approach that is, at the same time, analytical and imaginative – intuitive. It became clear that the heart of Circle Process was in the process itself, in preserving the truth and fragility of a state of mind without prejudice or delays, in letting oneself be guided by a gesture along a path marked by iridescent hues.
The textual score of Thirteen Changes casts, through the performer’s creativity, natural or paradoxical visions and sensorial, tactile, proprioceptive suggestions, which stimulate acoustic synesthesiae. The lengthy and gradual process of collection of musical ideas and its documentation through was followed remotely by Pauline Oliveros, who listened to, and I would say waited for, the musical result of her own visions.
For Occam II the spoken word suggests a guiding image and draws a path, the sound of Éliane Radigue’s voice calls and answers to the sound of the instrument. The music exists in time, which is necessary to the creation: the time spent together during numerous work sessions and the time of personal growth, of sound discovery and exploration. Éliane Radigue composes through listening, and this becomes an integral part of her music."

Silvia Tarozzi, December 2013

The event is one of the Klappfon series, organised by Klappfon.

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