PERFORMANCE: The Labour of Watching

Performance as an intervention into Agatha Valkyrie Ice script.

Friday 13 12:00 - 18:00 & Saturday 14 12:00-21:00 Novermber, 2015

Come celebrate the last days of The Labour of Watching

Beginning on 13 October Lou Cantor will present their contribution to the unfolding saga of Agatha Valkyrie Ice. The narratives explored in their recent exhibition, The Labour of Watching, will inform their presentation of the character’s journey through a multi-dimensional, multi-platform existence, considering, in particular, Agatha’s status as a trans-material being who manifests beyond the constraints of materiality itself yet who is inextricably imbricated in the world of objects. The poly-vocal structure of Agatha’s story and evolving identity mirrors the diversity of perspective and position that suffuses the totality of Lou Cantor’s practice. In this interactive performance, Agatha faces the possibility of physical annihilation but with the kind of equanimity and psychic coherence that only a being of his/her nature can manage.

The performance will begin at 12PM (noon) guests are encouraged to be prompt. The performance will continue on 14 October and conclude with a lecture which will begin at 8PM.

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