Radical Togetherness

Anna Weile Kjær and Esben Weile Kjær

9 - 13 December - Opening: Friday 9 December 7pm-11 pm / Performance 8 pm / Live stream at : www.oslo10.ch

Ai is the smallest unit of collaboration, total theatre of reciprocities and supposed syntheses, the ultimate public/private Gesamkunstwerk.

Ai are strings of inseparable sisters, warm and wet, indistinguishable one from the other, gloriously indiscriminate, promiscuous and fused. Ai are an endless geographic plane of micromeshing pulsing quanta, limitless webs of interacting blendings, leakings, mergings, weaving through ourselves, running rings around each other, heedless, needless, aimless, careless, amok. Ai are particles that can be separated in space but so intimately entangled that Ai can only be considered together. Ai are neither one nor two things, but interactive elements. Ai are and contain subpersonal components such as organs, cells and complex carbon molecules. Ai is a set of mutually compatible symptoms, vestiges of which can be seen in the woven fabrications of microbial mats, genetic codes and linguistic codifications.

Ai exercise a kind of sympathetic magic, coextensive, mutually dependent, resonant, and interactive entanglement. Neither one nor two.

Curated by Agatha Valkyrie Ice

[with Sadie Plant, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, Manuel DeLanda]

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