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  • Lead is known for its powerful opaque whiteness. It was the principal white pigment used in classical oil painting and later in architectural paint
  • Oestradiol contraceptive pills.
  • E320, E310
  • Aspirin can suppress the production of prostaglandins, a hormone responsible for sensitizing spinal neurons to pain.
  • Aluminum is the most abundant metal in the Earth’s crust.
  • Chromium
  • Silicone rubber. Silicones are present on us, such as our personal care products and also in us like the oil from the most deep-fried fast food.
  • Zearalenone fungi. Mushrooms are biologically and genetically closer to animals than to plants.
  • Cadmium pigments have highly superior lightfastness. Mostly found in plastic colouring and architectural paints, they have remained incredibly vibrant through the ages in classical paintings.
  • E127 Erythrosine B is a beautiful red food colouring.
Red Xenostrogens

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