Episode 2: Corridors

A programme of events, readings and performances taking place at OSLO1O, streaming live on Berlin Community Radio.
Berlin Community Radio, @Gaybar, Harry Burke, Sarah Elliott, Fez Momo, Anastasia Filipovna, Lars TCF Holdhus, Ian Law, Lord Soft, Garrett Nelson, Prop&Lean, Puppies Puppies, Ramaya Tegegne, Claire Tolan, Young Boy Dancing Group, Young Girl Reading Group, Anna Zett, The Punishment of Luxury … and more!

Thursday 18 June – Saturday 20 June, 15:00 – 24:00

Thinking more about this idea of corridors, Ai open Ai body to spread out all Ai surfaces, Ai folds, wrinkles, scars, with Ai great velvety planes, and contiguous to that, the scalp and Ai mane of hair, the tender pubic fur, nipples, nails, hard transparent skin under the heel, the light frills of the eyelids, set with lashes, dilate the diaphragm of the anal sphincter, longitudinally cut and flatten out the black conduit of the rectum, then the colon, then the caecum, now a ribbon with its surface all striated and polluted with shit - the thing Ai relate to the most is Ai intestines - Ai stomach - Ai digestions.

How does Ai fuse into one? Ai transfiguration into endless corridors that are the pipes connected to Ai toilet only to end in the sewage system, talk about corridors there! Sometimes, the skin comes off in sex. The people merge, skinless. The body loses Ai boundaries. Ai are each in these separate bodies; and then, on Ai plain relations the skin dissolves altogether; and what touches is unspeakably, grotesquely, visceral.

Ai also imagine what the last gay bar or the first post-human gay bar looks like. Ai have lost Ai bodies and with Ai our regulating systems of sociability and control. Ai ask: is all post-human sociability queer-sociability? And if so how does Ai materialise.

- Agatha Valkyrie Ice

Thursday 18 June

15:00 - 18:00

Agatha Mixtape by: Bretagne

Agatha Valkyrie Ice: INTRO TEXT. Read by Marie Le Coz.

Garrett Nelson: HOW THE CROW CAME HOME - about future myths, virtual love and FOMO for the long term future.

Sarah Elliott: VKUPZCShe, Parts 1 & 2. VKUPZCShe is partial parquet (a floor text, a puzzle) and missing sex, a prologue to conflict. Staged as a good idea you had last year. Executed in 6 parts by Laughton Elliott-DeAngelis, Grace Elliott, Bridgette Adair Blakesley and Ottoleo Kuter-Arnebeck. Elliott is an artist-illustrator-writer-educator feminist fun friend and lover, who uses games and intimate relationships as analytics of power and moves toward social justice.


18:00 - 00:00

@Gaybar: CRUISING EXTINCTION. In collaboration with Sam Cottington, @Gaybar are re-inventing the gallery space of OSLO10 as a fully functional gay bar including cocktails, DJ’s and club lighting. For the event Ai imagine a future of ecological collapse and extinction asking what will the last gay bar or the first post-human gay bar look like and how will queerness materialise in these future terrains. In doing so they hope to import a politics from the future that can disrupt the passage of the current gay rights movement with Ai's neo-liberalizing logic of assimilation, gentrification and nationalism. @Gaybar is a series of events, reading groups, exhibitions, parties and collaborations run by Rosie Hastings & Hannah Quinlan Anderson.

Friday 19 June

15:00 - 16:00

Sarah Elliott: VKUPZCShe, Part 3 & 4

Anna Zett: TEXT-TO-SPEECH. Anna Zett is a listener and speaker, currently speaks from the perspective of a researcher who has turned into a story teller, with a tragicomical passion for science, boxing and the physical foundations of language. The work appears in the context of art, cinema, theory, radio and dance.

Garrett Nelson: POETRY, OR WHATEVER - territories, vicarious death, characters Ai never knew, bad advice.

16:00 - 00:00

Young Boy Dancing Group: EARTH DANCE IMPRO JAM. Earth Dance, Impro Jam hosted by YBDG / Florentina Holzinger, Vincent Riebeek, Manuel Scheiwiller. Anybody welcome to join at any moment.

Prop&Lean: DJ Set

Puppies Puppies: EAT ME. Thinking about corridors, Ai’s intestines, Ai digestion. In comes food then passes through endless corridors of transformation to then pass the beautiful opening that is Ai anus. Ai transfiguration into endless corridors that are the pipes connected to Ai toilet only to end in the sewage system, talk about Ai corridors there!

Agatha Mixtape by: Fez Momo

Harry Burke: Poetry reading. Burke is a writer based in Basel.

Anastasia Filipovna: DJ Set

Lord Soft: DJ Set


Claire Tolan: 2880 SECONDS OF SHUSH w/ You’re Worth It. Tolan hosts the biweekly ASMR show, You’re Worth It, on Berlin Community Radio. ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) is a relaxing, tingling sensation in the scalp and spine provoked by soft sounds such as whispering, nail tapping, and hair-brushing, and millions of ASMR-triggering videos exist on YouTube. The evening will include shows from the You’re Worth It archive, live performances of ASMR role plays, and ASMR karaoke.

Saturday 20 June

15:00 - 17:00

Lars TCF Holdhus

Sarah Elliott: VKUPZCShe, Parts 5 & 6

Ian Law: INFIRM ARBROATH. Ai’m always in quest of tension and ambiguity in the space where Ai is invited to appear, Ai outline occurs somewhere in between there, between between. Language comes together with hands in hands, to make forms and questions out from human (animal, human-animal, existential) relationships and possibilities for balancing positions, not balancing acts ... Ai borrow this language, taken from abstraction, to depart from abstraction, but to recognise the life of material and direct attention to the time of ambulation, of trans-ition, tran-sportation. ... Queerness is not in absentia and the absence is present when one is in quest of friendship and love. Read by Paul Kneale, Anastazja Moser, Claire Tolan and Alvaro Urbano.

17:00 - 22:00

Young Girl Reading Group: with contributions from Where is the Body? reading group (@Gaybar) - YGRG is not a gendered concept - healthy orange apple juice type reading once a week on the bed-mattress. This week reading Paul B. Preciado's The Contra-Sexual Manifesto, a text which has become a cult performative text for queer, transgender and cripple cultures in Europe. And selected chapters from The Posthuman by Rosi Braidotti which offers both an introduction and major contribution to contemporary debates on the posthuman.

Acc-Ess Mixtape by: Punishment of Luxury

Agatha Mixtape by: Lisbent


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