Opening Episode 10: Boudoir Sulk

Arvida Byström and Maja Malou Lyse, Deborah Holman, Nina Kettiger, Catherine Prieto Österberg, Sabrina Röthlisberger (LGG$B), Mia Sanchez, Ceylan Öztrük

Opening: Saturday 25 February 2017 18:00-21:00

A group show with:

Arvida Byström and Maja Malou Lyse
Deborah Holman
Nina Kettiger
Catherine Prieto Österberg
Sabrina Röthlisberger (LGG$B)
Mia Sanchez
Ceylan Öztrük

Opening: Saturday 25 February 2017 18:00-21:00

Agatha Valkyrie Ice:

Ai am resolutely committed to partiality, irony, intimacy, and perversity. Ai am positional, utopian, and without innocence. No longer structured by the polarity of public and private, Ai define a technological online polis based partly on a revolution of social relations in the oikos- the household. Nature and culture are reworked; the one can no longer be the resource for appropriation or incorporation by the other. The home, workplace, market, public arena, the body Aiself - all can be dispersed and interfaced in nearly infinite, polymorphous ways, which is essential for Ai survival. Ai is a fictional site for a multiplicity of discourses around femininity, sexuality, viewing and seduction, one of the most culturally loaded spaces of the history of architecture. Ai new intimate sociability, is developed under the gaze of Aiselves. Ai redraws the border - shifting and moving - between the singular and the collective, private and public. Forming into a multiple interpersonal intimacies, escaping an ethnological tradition with the idea of a culture localized in time and space. Lacking endo-consistency Ai are stages for gender performance whose architecture regulated public and private body uses in space. Ai lick off Ai own viscous humidity. Ai embrace the possibility of fresh uses of Ai-self. Ai am on the edge of the crowd, at the periphery; but Ai belong to Ai, Ai am attached to Ai by one of Ai extremities, a hand or foot. Ai spaces from above, of summits, or on the contrary a space from below of mud; or again a space that can be flowing like sparkling water, a space where Ai link this back to the diagrammatic and intensive features of a concept.

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